You will see how easy and practical will be your Spanish Learning process using these 97 common regular verbs.
Learn the 99 most used Regular Verbs in Spanish
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What are you going to learn with this ebook?
For all of our students, having this book in their learning process has been an invaluable help. They have found on each of its pages the information that allows them to communicate in Spanish correctly.

In our e-book - LEARN THE 99 MOST USED REGULAR VERBS IN SPANISH -, in each of its pages, you will find the following:
  • Meanings: the meanings of each of the verbs in Spanish and English
  • Images: one image or picture allusive to the verb you are studying
  • Sentences: each image or picture is accompanied by a phrase or sentence related to the verb.
  • Phonetic pronunciations: you will find the phonetic pronunciation of each verb.
  • Conjugations: you will learn the conjugation of each verb in the present, past, and future.
  • Practices: Finally, you will find practices that we have proposed with each of the verbs.
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